Cruel and unusual punishment for crimes not committed!

After contacting Hernando County Sheriff's for assistance with my children's mother who was sexually abusing them, they arrested me and let her leave the state with the kids who were at that time 3 and 4 years old. While in Missouri with my kids the mother continued her abuse and while living out of a motel room had sex in front of the children with multiple partners. When Missouri's equivalent to Child Protective Services got wind of what was going on, the mother of my children contacted me and begged for my assistance in getting her back to Florida. I would do anything to protect my kids and so helped her return. In the weeks that followed, my health declined further and I was back under bed rest. The kid's mom grew despondent and threatened suicide in front of the children. My daughter begged me to help her and so I was forced to have her Baker Acted. I enrolled my kids in school and a few days later they were being forcefully taken from me at gun point by the same authorities who had allowed the woman to run off with my kids in the first place. To cover their mistakes they put it all on me and later had me arrested again. To garner evidence of my alleged abuse they proceeded to fabricate some in a most heinous way!

I am going to show you that the Children and Family Services (C.F.S.) formerly known as the HRS, with the help of one Hernando County Sheriff's detective used the son of a Citrus County Sheriff aged 14 years 7 months, weighed 165lb and was  6' tall to acquire false evidence to try to use against me. This man-child was placed in the C.F.S. because his father had been sexually abusing him and his sister. The C.F.S. had the Judge sign the transfer of this man-child on March 8th to move into the same residence as my children which was already over crowded with the parents, their two children and my two in a 2 bedroom 1 bath home. This man-child then raped my little girl of 5 years old, by telling her little brother to go get her and bring her to his bed where he could get at her and no one would be the wiser. My baby girl then told the shelter mom what happened and asked “what is this white stuff in my panties?” at which point the shelter mom told her to go back to bed that it would be alright. The shelter mom did not call the sheriff but called her friend at C.F.S. instead. And not one of the adults who knew of this bothered to take my baby girl to the hospital or to be checked out by any medical professional. The paperwork suggests they waited until May 15th to call the sheriff where the man-child was plead out to capital sexual battery and then sent back to Citrus County.

Meanwhile from March 23rd my baby girl was put in “acting out” classes with her rapist and this went on for months, April through August. And the counseling finally stopped November 15th when my little girl said in a deposition when asked, "question sweetheart I'm talking all the way up until today has anyone touched you" to which she answered, “only Txxxxxy". I have ex-ed out the man-child's name as directed by the Florida Law Enforcement for the sharing of public records. If you go to the Hernando County courthouse and ask for case # 93-280 cf you can see for yourself however, if you don't have the time you can look through the .pdf file of my submission to the Clemency board that I have linked on this page below which has some of the most pertinent information. There is over three thousand pages of court records and this was to bury me in documents so I would not get any justice.  On the day of my hearing the county doctor drugged me that morning with my full day's allotment of medications making me take them all at once and with me being so impaired the judge then plead me out! I was denied my motion to withdraw that plea that I had filed in the afternoon of that same day once the meds had worn off and I was told what they had done.

I am still being punished by having to register as I sex offender twice a year, I am harassed every three months with spot checks from county deputies and it seems like I am constantly being targeted by health professionals, businesses and the public in general for these crimes I did not commit and can prove I didn't!

To this day, I still maintain my innocence and continue to fight and file against these false allegations. So now I am looking for help from the “court of public opinion”. Thank you for your time!

If you have read my story and/or looked into my case and want to help please contact our Governor about my Clemency for Full Pardon.

Here is a link to a pdf copy of the material I sent in with my Clemency application.


Newly discovered information pertaining to baby raper who walks free. The court documents contained in the pdf below have been wiped from the records at the courthouse in Hernando County FL and can no longer be found by anyone including law enforcement officers looking into the rape of my daughter.


More incriminating evidence against the state. No equal protection.


The seed for this entire case was planted here.
"The way to right wrongs is to turn the light of truth upon them."

Ida B. Wells